8 Reasons Why Bitter Is Better

Truth is bitter and of course it is better than any lie, but we won’t be talking about truth and lie here, as this write-up is all about bitter taste and not bitter truth!

Bitter taste is not the part of many palates due to the lack of taste buds supporting this unusual taste. People try to avoid including bitter delights in their meals because they don’t like it or they don’t know how beneficial the bitterness is for health. Here are the 8 good reasons to have a bitter taste on your palate!


1. Natural body cleanser

Bitter veggies and roots act as natural body cleansers. You can use them to detoxify your body effectively. They contain compounds based on sulfur, a natural detoxifier that works on the liver pathways for flushing out toxins. This is the reason why Indian and Chinese meals have traditionally included bitter foods in their diet.

Recommended food choices – Bitter gourd, turmeric, fenugreek, bitter greens, green tea.

2. Fights untimely sugar cravings

Craving sugar all the time? Then bitter is for you! Our taste buds are meant for all tastes like sweet, salty, sour, astringent, pungent, and bitter. However, our diets are now revolving more around salty and sweet dishes as we are slowly forgetting other tastes. Ancient medical science Ayurveda recommends bitter to balance the taste buds. Regular consumption of bitter greens would activate taste buds, reduce food cravings, and control your sweet tooth to maintain healthy weight.

Recommended food choices – Barley, green tea.

3. Aids digestion

Bile juice that plays significant role in digestion of food is produced more when you consume bitter food. Studies suggest that bitter foods stimulate liver to produce digestive juices to quicken the process of digestion. Bitter greens are also fiber rich and would flush out the toxins from your body.

Recommended food choices – Bitter gourd, aloe vera, basil.


4. Helps nutrient absorption

As stated above, bitter foods aid digestion. Proper digestion of food will further increase the nutrient absorption. Whatever food you eat, the benefit lies in absorbing the nutrients. Even the healthiest food would not benefit unless all its components are absorbed fully. Fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E, and K are absorbed more with bitter challenge offered to the liver.

Recommended food choices – Lettuce, turmeric, leafy greens.

5. Improved bowel movements

Bitter works as natural laxative. It eases constipation, eliminates digestive wastes effectively, and improves bowel movements. Next time when you feel bloated, experience lethargy, or find heaviness in your body, take a dose of bitter greens and remove water retention to find the active new you!

Recommended food choices – Fenugreek seeds, bitter gourd, aloe vera.

6. Youthful glow

Detoxification, cleansing of body, fighting free radicals, appropriate nutrient absorption, and proper bowel moment would get you the youthful glow that you always wanted. Bitter foods work as the anti-ageing formula that would revitalize your body both internally and externally.

Recommended food choices – Basil, aloe vera, turmeric.


7. Say no to free radicals

Bitterness is good for many things, but if you get all these health advantages in your favorite dark chocolate that is both bitter and palatable, then nothing like it! A piece of dark chocolate would fight out the free radicals from your body. This would reduce the chances of suffering from neurological disorders and even cancer.

Recommended food choices – Dark chocolate.

8. Metabolism booster

Bitter foods regulate glucose levels in your body. The reduction in insulin spikes would result into controlled appetite and lowered fat storage. All these together would boost your metabolism and increase calorie burning to get you faster weight loss. One of the most effective bitter drink for boosting metabolism is green tea extract. Research suggests that a cup of green tea increases your metabolism by 4%.

Recommended food choices – Green tea.

Your taste buds are meant for all tastes. All you need to do is develop the taste buds beyond sweet and savory to rip the maximum health benefits.


Hypnosis Resulting in Instant Weight Loss

Finally a prospect of weight loss, away from the mind-numbing talks of ‘diet and exercise’. So is it true? Can Hypnosis really result in instant weight loss? Before we answer this question, let’s uncover the truth about Hypnosis.

Understanding Hypnosis

Unlike its popular portrayal, Hypnosis is not the practice of making a person lose control and obey all of the hypnotist’s orders in a trance-like state. Rather, it is a subconscious state which you can only willingly achieve with the guidance of the hypnotist. In this state, your mind is clearer, much more aware and suggestible. So let’s make it clear, nobody can hypnotize you unless you want to!


The Real Answer: Hypnotherapy

The fact that your subconscious mind is more likely to ‘accept and implement’ suggestions in a ‘hypnotized state’ is the guiding premise of Hypnotherapy. Please note that Hypnotherapy is a scientifically established form of Psychotherapy, and not some bizarre quackery as it is perceived by many. This clinical therapy merely makes use of the fact that the patient is more likely to change his/her thoughts, attitudes, feelings or behavior in the hypnotic state, as opposed to regular counseling or one-on-one talk therapy. As a matter of scientific fact, Hypnotherapy has been really effective in treating Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia and even reducing discomfort and pain during childbirth.

The Answer To Your Question

OK, no more beating around the bush now. The answer is YES- Hypnotherapy can be really helpful for weight loss. But it does not achieve instant or direct weight loss. On the contrary, it taps into your subconscious and brings about the following changes in your thinking patterns:-

  • If you happen to be overweight, your thought patterns are most likely to be centered on/around food. Binge eating, unhealthy eating, excessive snacking etc are various forms of unhealthy food cravings. And the root cause of these unhealthy cravings is your own mind! We tend to overeat or binge-eat when we are upset/depressed/dissatisfied/angry etc.
  • Now if someone merely told you to ‘stop eating junk’ and ‘eat healthy’, you’d probably listen to him for a day or two, right? Despite all your will power, when you see that box of Cheese-Burst Pizza in front of you, it becomes impossible to resist! That’s where Hypnotherapy comes into picture. With professional Hypnosis, your thinking will be re-tuned in a way that you no longer crave for fulfillment or solace from food.
  • The same principle is applicable for exercise. If you consider yourself to be a lazy person, Hypnotherapy can tap into the root cause of your inactivity (once again, your mind!). Once the tendency to remain inactive is erased from your subconscious, you will automatically stop ‘snoozing’ the alarm for your morning jog.
  • Overweight people are more likely to be drawn into the vicious circle of depression. It starts with weight gain, followed by being dissatisfied with one’s body, which is followed by turning to ‘food for satisfaction’, which results in more weight gain. Hypnotherapy can break this cycle at a subconscious level.


Give It A Shot!

It will definitely not be an overnight miracle. It could take multiple sittings over months. But slowly and steadily, you’ll find yourself becoming a calmer person, at ease with your body, and not relying on food to ‘make you feel better about yourself’. Sounds interesting? Just so you know, the effectiveness of Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss has been published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology. So go ahead and give it a shot!

5 Secrets About Hitler That You Don’t Know

Single-handedly responsible for annihilating two-thirds of the global Jewish population during his regime, Adolf Hitler is easily the most-hated historical figure. However, history textbooks generally tend to focus on the chronological sequences in his life only. His role in leading the German Front during the Second World War is the most talked-about. But seldom do we analyze the intriguing aspects of his persona. Here’s a look at 6 deep, dark secrets that historians have gradually unearthed, after years of painstaking research!

#Secret 1: Hitler feared the Dentist!

For a man who unleashed such a violent propaganda, it’s hard to believe that he was afraid of something or someone. Turns out, the German Fuehrer suffered from a case of bad dental hygiene. It was owing to his irresistible sweet tooth that he gorged on nut cakes, rice puddings and other sweetmeats. Despite these frequent indulgences, he was too scared to visit the dentist. This resulted in several cavities, gum infection and awful breath. There was a point of time when he had no choice but to undergo a root canal surgery. While a normal root canal is completed in 1 to 3 sittings, he asked for 8 sittings to go through the painful process!


#Secret 2: His first ‘crush’ was a girl of Jewish Origin!

Teenage infatuations are no big deal. But it comes across as a shocking fact for a bona fide ‘Anti-Semitic’ to have had a crush on a Jewish girl. It was the dictator’s childhood friend August Kubizek who spilled the beans and left historians in shock! During his formative years in Vienna, Hitler developed strong feelings of love for his Jewish neighbor Stefanie Isak. Unfortunately, the love was only one-sided and young Hitler could never muster up the courage to admit his feelings to her. For all we know if he had gone ahead, and if she had reciprocated, the pages of world history would’ve been a lot less bloody!

#Secret 3: All 8 of his lovers attempted suicide!

When you hold the most powerful position in your country, it’s not a surprise that female adulation comes along pretty easily. From various historical sources, it has been noted that Hitler was romantically involved with 8 different women during his lifetime. But each affair followed a chillingly set-pattern- intense passion, followed by the lady’s suicide attempt. Some attempts were successful while others were not. Renate Muller was a glamorous German actress who jumped to death from her window. Geli Raubal was his niece and live-in partner for a long time, shot herself fatally. And we all know about Eva Braun (his wife of just 40 hours) who took a cyanide capsule, minutes before the dictator shot himself to death in 1945.


#Secret 4: Hitler was an Insomniac.

All of Hitler’s mistresses have spoken of one thing in common- the fact that he would toss and turn in his bed for most of the night. Apparently, Hitler had a lot of trouble falling asleep, which made him a late-riser. It would surprise you to note that despite his jam-packed schedule and myriad professional obligations, he would mostly wake up at 11 in the morning. Psychologists deduce that his pent-up frustration and the trauma of his initial days of struggle, wreaked havoc in his sleep-pattern.

#Secret 5: Hitler’s effective PR Team was largely responsible for his electoral wins.

Initially, the German public opinion was largely against Hitler since he was perceived as a ‘rabble-rouser’ and ‘troublemaker’. After a devastating loss in the 1932 election, Hitler’s PR team decided that it was time to give him an ‘image makeover’! This resulted in the publication of a Coffee Table Book that went by the name- ‘The Hitler Nobody Knows’. Widely circulated, this book featured childhood pictures of the leader, followed by his role as a solider during the First World War. The photographs showcased him in average clothes, highlighted his humble background and even showed him playing with children! Most importantly, the fact that he was a non-drinker and non-smoker, were highlighted in bold. Therefore, his publicists successfully transformed his public perception as a fanatic, to a ‘kind-hearted, common man’. And this is exactly what turned public opinion in Hitler’s favor, paving the path for his rise as the iconic German Fuehrer!

Busting The Top 10 Dieting Related Myths

When it comes to dieting, it is important to follow the right diet plans, eat the right foods and avoid the right foods. But unfortunately, there are many misconceptions and myths which people have in their minds. These myths can often prove to be the limiting points for those who are trying to lose weight by going on diet plans. It is thus very important for everyone to have the correct information about dieting and nutrition. If you wish to bust the dieting related myths and follow your diet plan properly, you can go through the following given information.

Myth: Don’t Eat After 8 Pm

You must have heard a lot of people say that if you avoid eating after 8 pm, then you can easily lose weight but this is a big myth.  This theory emerged from the fact that late night calories accumulate in the system and turn into fat. But in reality, calories can’t identify the time and no matter at what time you eat; the same calories are absorbed by the body.

dont-eat-after-8pmEating Small Meals Frequently Boosts Metabolism

Another myth related to dieting is that if one eats small meals frequently, then it can boost the metabolism. In truth, the amount of food intake does little to change the metabolism. The size of the body and its composition are mainly responsible for changing or improving basal metabolic rate or BMR.

Pasta Can Make You Fat

It is a common myth or misconception that pasta can make you fat because it contains carbohydrates which is stored as fat. But in reality, carbohydrates as such don’t make you fat but rather extra calories do. Thus this means that pasta is not responsible for making you fat but the volume of pasta is. It is best to eat pasta in moderation.

Coffee Helps You Lose Weight

It is a popular myth that coffee helps you lose weight. The theory behind this is that the caffeine present in coffee suppresses appetite and hence boosts metabolism. But the truth in fact is that coffee only suppresses hunger for a small amount of time but cannot lead to weight loss.  Thus avoid having excess of coffee just to lose weight.

coffee-for-losing-weightMilk Can Lead To Lose Weight

Another myth related to dieting is that milk can lead to lose weight.  What happens is that calcium helps to break down fat and thus leads to weight loss and this is why people think that drinking milk can help shed weight. But busting this myth, the true fact is that there is no major link between high milk consumption and weight loss.

Cut Calories Drastically To Lose Weight

Another common belief related to dieting is that if you cut down on calories drastically, then it can help you lose weight by a great measure but again, this has a temporary effect and not an on-going one. It is difficult for most people to follow very strict diets for a long period of time and thus cutting down on calories isn’t the perfect way to lose weight permanently.

Going On Dieting Is The Best Way To Lose Weight

Most people believe that going on dieting is the best way to lose weight. While it is true that short diet plans do help to lose calories but they have a temporary effect only and not a permanent one. If you are going to stop the diet, then the effect can easily reverse and thus dieting may not be the best way to lose weight.

dietingDiet Foods Are Great For Dieting

It is known that diet foods which contain low amount of fats and low amount of carbohydrates can help you lose weight. But this too is just a myth. In truth, low fat and low carb foods are not necessarily low on calories. Most of these foods contain artificial sweeteners which can actually backfire and ruin your dieting plans.

Eating Fat Can Make You Fat

A big myth related to dieting is that eating fat can make you fat. But in reality, the problem is not with the fat but with the quantity of fat. If you eat large volumes of fat, then that is the reason for gaining weight. But eating fat in moderation may not lead to weight gain. It is better to choose fats carefully. For example, choose monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats as they don’t raise cholesterol levels.

Some Sugars Are Worse Than Others

There is no one particular type of sugar which can lead to weight loss. Rather than avoiding one sugar, it is best to take all in moderation since all types are equally harming as far as dieting is concerned.  All varieties like agave, honey, table syrup and high fructose corn syrup contribute calories by equal measure.

Top 10 Beauty Tips For 2016

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it is rightly so. There are no rules set in stone when it comes to beauty. Nor you have to follow just the conventional methods to look gorgeous. The key to gorgeousness is to be comfortable in your skin. Each one of you is special and which is why you should follow a beauty regime that suits you the best.

We are sharing with you the top 10 beauty tips that might interest you. These ten trends are making a big comeback in 2016 and are certainly going to change the way we ladies beautify ourselves. Check them out!

Using A Bronzer During Summer

Ideally, bronzers are meant to be used during winters to get that sun-kissed look. However, the idea of using a bronzer during the hot days is catching up. The trick is to keep it as natural as possible. You could stick to the lighter tones of brown, preferably something that has a matt finish and is waterproof. The degree of paleness would, of course, depend on your skin tone. Steer clear of bright pink, orange, or red hues.


Skin Tone Is Not Always The Deciding Factor

You need to consider your skin tone when shopping for a foundation, concealer, and bronzer. But it goes out of the window when you want to choose mascara or an eye shadow. You can wear any color and style of mascara and eye shadow as long as it fits the occasion, suits you and is in line with your outfit.

Equal Highlight For Eyes And Lips

It has been a trend since ages that you either highlight your eyes or your lips. Heavy eye makeup with a light lip color or bright lips with a simple eye makeup is what all the women are wearing makeup have been following. Highlighting both your features used to be a big no-no. But not anymore! Accentuating both lips and eyes is an in thing now.

Untouched Eyebrows Are All The Rage

Take a break from having that quizzical look on your face all the time. Skip your appointment with your beautician and let those eyebrows grow out a bit. Right now, there is nothing as appealing as a woman rocking bushy eyebrows with confidence.

Make Your Eyes Pop

Some makeup enthusiasts made the entire clan believe that putting mascara on the lower lashes would make them look older. Well, that’s nonsensical! Applying mascara to both upper and lower lashes accentuate your eyes, making them more prominent and attractive.


The New Approach For Applying Concealer

We have been applying concealer after foundation. But it often results in your makeup looking cakey, as if it would fall off the face any moment. So this time, go backward. Apply the concealer first and you will need a very tiny amount of foundation. Less foundation means lighter makeup.

Pastel Nail Polish Shades

Pastel shades are enormously soothing to look at, and they are just perfect for this summer. We love the Ikiru Blue from DIOR and Peaches and Cream by Deborah Lippmann. The April by Zoya, which is a nude pink color, is our absolute favorite. You should totally check them out!

Complimentary Colors Of Different Elements

Speaking of nail colors, we often stress a lot that they should match the lip color. Gone are the days when we wore lip color and nail color of an identical shade. Imagine your fingernails adorned with that lovely DIOR’s Ikiru Blue we just mentioned. If we follow the rule, you will end up wearing a blue lip color. If you can rock a blue lip color, that’s great! But if not, it would be a faux pas. So, wearing a lip color that compliments your nail color usually suffices.

The Skin Care Routine

If you wear makeup it is critical that you take it off properly and cleanse your skin thoroughly before going to bed. Charcoal is a great natural cleanser, which is why it is being incorporated in so many skin-cleansing products. We love the Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar and the way it detoxifies the skin and makes it glow.


Moisturizing Sprays

Keeping your skin hydrated could be a task for many if they find the moisturizing lotions very heavy. Keeping this dilemma in view, many big brands have rolled out moisturizing sprays. They are way too lighter and do the job very efficiently. We like the Sheer Spray Softening Cocoa Butter Lotion by Jason.

With these ten tips, you will be able to get a radiant skin and look younger. So, in the next party be ready with the answer to the frequently asked question, ‘what is your beauty secret’, simply blush and politely say, ‘Well… That is a secret.’

8 Astounding Facts About The Mayan Civilization

One of the most dominant societies of pre-Colombian Central America, Mayan Civilization developed the same time as the Aztecs.
But the Mayan people were able to outlive and proceed Aztecs by hundreds of years. In fact, the Mayan civilization is over two thousand years old and some of the Mayans are still alive, who live in modern day Guatemala region.
According to studies, the Mayans were one of the most advanced and unique ancient culture of the Mesoamerican era. While some people might think Mayans failed to predict if 2012 would be the end of the world, but Mayans never said anything about world’s end. It was all assumption.


Here are some astounding facts you probably didn’t know about the Mayan Civilization:

1.They Used Saunas
Believe it or not Mayans used their own version of saunas, or sweat baths for revitalization. They were constructed with stone walls, and ceilings.
While the water poured on the hot rocks created steam in the room, there was a small opening on the ceiling to help with the process. Sweat baths were used by everyone including kings, new mothers and sick people.

2.Violent Ball Games
The ancient Mayans played ballgames which was very similar to modern day basketball, except this was extremely dangerous.
Instead of playing with their hands or feet, players were meant to use other parts of their body, even their heads. There were rings positioned on the opposite ends of the field, which looked a lot like basketball hoops, and the balls were made of rubber which weighed over eight pounds.
Even though the players did wear protective gear, it wasn’t as advanced, and with the weight of the ball, it would have been pretty common for the players to get hurt or even die.

3.They Used Painkillers
Researchers have found out that Mayans used natural ingredients to make their own version of pain killers. These were general used in rituals and were made from tobacco, mushrooms, morning glory and plants that are used to make alcohol. For rapid absorption, ritual enemas were also used for painkiller.

4.Blood Sacrifices
Just like many other ancient cultures, blood sacrifices were common in Mayan civilization too. They especially sacrificed small children to their gods because they believed kids had pure soul and by offering them to their gods, they could somehow bring prosperity.
While the Mayans no longer sacrifice humans, they still use animal and chicken blood for their ancient rituals.


5.Advanced Writing Skills
Much like the Egyptians, Mayans also used hieroglyphs for communication. They were able to communicate stories and write full sentences. It has also been reported that most of the Mayans were able to understand common hieroglyphs. Using quills that were made of turkey feather, the Mayans filled their buildings with hieroglyphs, and also wrote books.

6.Sophisticated Medical Technique
Shamans in the Mayan culture were a medium between the spiritual world and the physical world. In other words, they were the modern day equivalent of doctors. For healing purpose, they not only had a vast medical knowledge, but they also practiced sorcery.
This was because in the Mayan culture science, religion and ritual were all mashed up together. For surgical purposes they used turquoise and jade to make prostheses, and iron pyrite for teeth fillings.

7.Reason For Their Collapse Is Still A Mystery
The southern lowland parts of the Mayan civilization completely declined in the 9th century and were quickly abandoned after that.
Researchers have speculated many reasons for this fall but nobody has been able to find the real reason behind it.
Some of the most popular theories include invasions by foreigners, peasant revolt, destruction of major trade routes and overpopulation. Some researchers also believe that this could have been because of environmental changes as there evidence that the Mayans over hunted fauna and exhausted their agricultural potential.

8.Their Predictions About December 12, 2012
The date marked the end of the Long Count Calendar made by the Mayans. And while some believe it indicated the end of the world, it obviously did not happen.
Mayans chose this date as the end of their calendar because it a very rare cosmic event when equinoxes place our solar system at the centre of the galaxy and the Earth crosses ecliptic path of the sun. We don’t know what this really means since this kind of alignment only occurs once in 150,000 years. But Mayans that are still alive believe that this marks the beginning of a spiritual awakening.

9 Unknown and Surprising Facts About World War I

A lot has been said, read and talked about World War I. But most of us have read the tedious and concise point of view that the government wanted us to present. The information shared by textbooks has been very limited. Some fascinating facts are not yet known and might surprise you.
We present to you nine surprising and lesser known facts about World War I:

1. Heroin was openly sold as a cough treatment
Heroin was not illegal until World War I. In fact, it was marketed as an effective cough treatment to the soldiers and was discovered by a pharmaceutical company called Bayer. Being openly sold and marketed is completely harmless, more and more soldiers got addicted it. It was after extensive use that the harmful effects of the drug were noticed, and it was labeled illegal. Though the real problem started after that when people realized they just couldn’t live without the drug.

2. German Airships brutally bombed London
There was a major blitz during the World War I in London when the Nazis bombed London for an important part of a year. Since only Germany was technically proficient and had airships that could travel to London; they bombed London from 1916-1917. The airships looked like giant metal aircraft, but were huge, floating bags that were filled with ludicrously flammable gas.

3. World War was a global issue
Unlike the popular belief, World War I affected people beyond the continent of Europe. But that was completely untrue. As the war became bigger and bigger, more and more countries were forced to take sides. The war was initially declared by Austria and Hungry against Serbia. But soon the Japanese got involved, and they captured German colonies on the Japan-China border.

4. Plastic Surgery was invented during World War I
Soldiers of the war often underwent horrendous facial injuries due to the shrapnel. If you have ever watched an Iron Man movie, you would know that shrapnel is an extremely powerful tool and it can damage the facial tissues.
Watching the plight of several soldiers, Surgeon Harold Gillies decided to help them and devised early techniques for facial reconstruction.


5. A fake Paris was constructed to combat the German bombing
During World War 1, the French government built a fake Paris to fool German pilots. The roads were built along with the damaged railway line, and they were lit in the midnight to confuse German attackers. The plan was to save Paris from any life loss. This is one of the weirdest tactics adopted by France to fool the German Army, and it worked.

6. World War I led Britain to a financial meltdown
Britain was an economic superpower before the World War I and it was also one of the few financially stable countries during that phase. But the expenditure of the first modern war was heavy and drained the country of its wealth. The costs reached over the spending powers and Britain being a crucial part was majorly affected. It faced a financial crisis and was bereft of vital economic resources.

7. Many journalists faced execution
The flow of information during the World War I was highly concealed and controlled. The governments focused on condemning the freedom to report, and journalists were banned initially on the frontline. Reporting the war was treated as providing information to the enemy. If any journalist was caught doing the same, he was sentenced to death.

8. Lances and guns were part of the same Battlefield
World War I was called the Modern War for its technical advanced modern tools. But, it was a perfect blend of old and new techniques. Though there were tanks, airships and guns; both the sides also used some conventional tools.
Germany, which was one of the most high-tech countries at that time, had horse-mounted troops that used a ten-foot lance as their primitive tool. Britain relied on horses for the movement of supplies.

9. World War I started the development of Blood Banks
As soldiers were severely wounded and needed treatment; British relied heavily on blood transfusion for treatment. Back in the day, instead of storing blood, it was directly transferred from one person to other because people didn’t know the way to store blood for longer. It was actually Captain Oswald Robertson, a US Army doctor who gave the idea of combining sodium citrate with blood to prevent it from becoming unusable.
Which is your favorite part of the history – World War I or World War II ?