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Mistakes That Can Cause a Relationship To Go Awry

It is but natural for every relationship to see its share of ups and downs. But nothing can be as unfortunate as a budding relationship to go sour just because you made some mistakes that were too innocent or unintentional. Are you in a doubt that your partner is merely flirting with you? Then you are not the only one. Out of 10 girls almost 8 girls doubt the commitment of their guy. These doubts most of the times are true, but what about the guys that were naïve and could not explicitly express their love.

Here are some of the common mistakes that give a wrong signal to your partner and you end up messing up with your relationship. Read on to know some of them:


1. Hurrying for sex: Let the man spend some time in knowing you and don’t just jump into the bed on the very first occasion. If you do so, you may get placed into the casual fling category he might lose interest in you pretty soon. If a man is more impressed by your nature and other qualities, he is more likely to stay with you forever.

2. Digging into past: Taking someone into your past is a great way to let him know about you, but getting it too deep or too fast can do more harm to your relation. In the similar way, don’t try to sneak into him and his past more than he is willing to let you do. It may give you an appearance of a high voltage drama.

3. Being pesky: Don’t forget that he still has a life other than you. So stop texting or calling him every few minutes. Give him a chance to miss and he will eventually realize your need.

4. Hide your spy glasses: Men hate it when you touch his phone or check his mail box. The sooner you realize it, the better it is.

5. Stop faking: Nothing can be as disastrous as faking orgasms. What if, you go on to marry him and you will end up having an entire lifetime of fake orgasms.

6. Try to change him: You can never change a man and if you find several things about him that need to be changes, look up. You might need to change your man.

7. Ignore yourself: You might want to direct all your energies and time in your relationship, but you should never do this on the cost of ignoring yourself. Always find time to pamper yourself.
Taking a relationship to the next level is not an easy task. So don’t give wrong signals to your partner else the relationship might not every take off.


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