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Do You Actually Understand The Little Gestures Of Your Pooch?

The relation between a man and his pooch is just incomparable. Don’t you just love when he understands your stress, your happiness and other emotions and reacts similarly? How about you learning to decode some of the little things that he does? These little things can surely strengthen your relationship and form a mutual bond. Some of the cute things that your dog does are listed below with their meaning:

1. Pulling leash: Unlike the popular belief which states that a leash pull by a dog is the show off his dominance, it means that he is not showing off his dominance. He is just showing you that he can pull his leash and he will continue to do so, he is not going to stop. However, it may also means that he is uncomfortable in his leash and collar and might need a replacement. Gauge his reaction and behavior as you go on trying different collars and leash.


2. Marking his territory: Like humans, dogs also get baffled and anxious when they enter a new territory or observe some changes or addition to their surroundings. They try to comfort themselves by peeing. So if you feel that he has suddenly lost his toilet training, don’t thrash him. Instead give him a cozy feeling so that he can get relieved of his stress.

3. Smiling: Nothing can be as soothing as a smiling dog. However, the reason behind the smile of your pooch could be your own smile. Your pooch gets happy when you are happy. A belly run will ensure that his smile stays there for a longer time.

4. Drooling: Even though drooling is common in every dog breed, you have reasons to be cautious if your dog has started drooling too much only in past few days. There is definitely some stress in his life. Start noticing what has changed around him and make him feel comfortable. Since it may also suggest certain dental problems, going to a veterinarian is probably the best solution.

Of most dog lovers mistake these gestures and are often upset about this fact. Dogs are extremely intelligent and have highly developed senses. Every little gesture they make has a specific meaning. Don’t overlook them.


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