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How Social Media Affects Personal Relationship?

How social media affects personal relationship: This is one question that most scholars and experts keep on bringing up. There is no doubt that social media has revolutionized the primary communication over the past few years. There is a whole block of sociologists that decree the negative effects of new technology on the quality of relationships. They believe that quality of relationships is deteriorating. Here is how social media has affected personal relationship:

1. The meaning of the word ‘Friend’ has changed
Facebook has changed the meaning of the word “friend”, though the conception has not changed yet. Someone who is friends with you on Facebook does not mean that they are friends and you share feelings like intimacy and closeness that you might share with an offline friend.


2. What we think of our offline social networks
Of your Facebook friend’s list you might not know a large segment of them. But they act as comforters. It gives a platform to connect to people you might not want to engage in explicit interactions but surely want to keep them as your connections. Social media sites give a platform to keep a track of activities. Also social media platforms help you in keeping the strenuous relations alive.

3. Affects how you perceive yourselves?
Few people have ‘friend collecting behavior’ that means they like friending people without actually knowing them or talking with them in person. Sociologists believe that it is an impression management strategy, the more the number of friends the cooler they appear to others. Social media platforms provide a great platform to present yourself in a directed way.

4. Social media helps other form an opinion about you
Where people are using it as an effective impression management strategy, people also use it to form an opinion about you. People in your network can see your updates and profile and accordingly judge you on these. Today, people hardly want to know what you are doing in real life, but they are interested in your social media profile.
Research shows that social media platform behaviors like “friending” somebody or to respond to a request on someone’s wall make feel that they are attached.


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