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Don’t Let Superstitions Scare Your Finances this Halloween

You must have come across people who let their strong believe in superstitions control their financial destiny. There is a bunch of superstitions that ruin financial health of a person. Hope and fear are two major feelings that play a major role in game of superstition.

Many people believe that they can control what happens with them: good or bad. This make people fell powerful that they have not left things to the mercy of chance. Research shows that people will pay higher price for a bingo or lotto ticket that they choose in opposition to meager $2 for a bingo or lotto ticket they haven’t chose. This is because they feel that they are skilled enough to choose the right numbers. This is one of the reasons why most people overspend their budget during Halloween games.

Here are some of the common superstitions that take over the common sense and rule the finances:

1. You will not jinx yourself with bad luck if you pick a penny that is not heads up!

This superstition can be traced back to 17th president, Honest Abe. Subconsciously, people think that penny with ‘tails-up’ represents ill-fated Lincoln’s night. Thus, people believe that they will suffer the same bad luck if a penny is handled in a wrong way. This superstition is tied to fear of loss. Next time you happen to spot a copper lying on the floor; don’t stroll past the free loot, worrying about the bad luck. Pick it up! Is it not silly to walk past the free money during Halloween parade?

2. Long term financial planning is sure to jinx the life

Many people believe that buying insurance policy means that you will die soon and your family will need the money. Life insurance just reminds people about mortality. Anyways, buying insurance policy cannot shorten the life, but the mind plays tricks when it knows that a family member will receive the benefits.

Pumpkin Baby

3. Number 13

Many people are worried that buying things with check that has 13 numbers, the item is sure to be dead or break. Or it is fatal to make financial decisions on 13th. Number 13 is scary and has a fancy Greek term of its own “triskaidekaphobia”.

Its story can be dated back to Last Supper as there were 13 people present. The number 13 have spooked major high-rises, hospitals and hotels as they skip labeling 13th floor. Also, most airports don’t have 13th gate. This is not all, in Kansas, the zip codes start from 666, they have skipped from 66612 to 66614.
This superstition breeds on our fear. You can pay the check with number 13 to buy groceries. And see nothing happens.

4. Itching palm

It is believed that if right palm itches, you will have to pay or lose money whereas, if your left palm itches, you will receive money.

What if both itch at the same time? Does that mean you will experience a breakeven point? This superstition has loud resonations as money plays a critical role in everybody’s life. A twinge on left palm is a subconscious indication that you need to work harder and try and shoot for the raise. While, right gives an explanation that you have overshoot your credit card spending. Also, itching might mean that after removing the Halloween costume or makeover, your hands are dry and need a dose of moisturizer.

To fight these superstitions, take a deep breath and give your head a chance to catch the logic this Halloween.


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