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How to Talk to Kids about a New Baby?

Adding a new member to your family is one of the biggest joys for any couple. You need to plan everything right from your finances to your career. Along with it, you also need to prepare your previous kids to accept that the new baby is indeed a part of your family. This is very important as even if your kids seem willing to accept the new baby, they might have several problems in adjusting with the baby after he arrives.

There are several ways to mentally prepare your kids and one of the most important of them is to help develop a bond between them and their future sibling.

  • Let them talk to the baby inside your womb or even let them feel the movements of the baby.
  • You can also take them with you to the doctor’s visit. This will help them to be a part of the entire process.
  • Take their suggestions for naming of the baby. Ask them about their choices and any particular favorites.
  • You can also take their help to prepare the nursery. Ask for their preferences, color choice and toys. If possible let the child draw or paint something on the wall or stick the wall stickers.


  • Before you leave for the hospital, talk to your kids about your absence and who is going to take care of them during that time. This will help them to make up their mind to cope with your absence.
  • Take them to the hospital to visit you after your delivery and take the children home together.
  • Talk to them about the new baby is going to behave including lots of crying. Crying children can be agonizing for your first child and he must know how to deal with it. Help them realize that crying is the only thing the baby can do and it is their responsibility to teach him all the things patiently.
  • Talk to them about how they behaved when they were infants. Show them their childhood videos and pictures and tell them they were no different.

These small steps will help go a long way in developing a strong bond between the children. Make sure that you don’t alienate your first child while you bring the second child home. Make him understand that the new baby being small, needs more attention, but he is also important.


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