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Bar Cart Arrangement Tips That You Can Use

Do you love to play the host? Do you love to entertain people? If so, then you ought to include a Bar Cart to your “must have” list of furnishings. Building a complete bar to match your home décor can be an expensive affair so, let’s look at a better option, a mobile bar or a Bar Cart. They make your house instantly more inviting. A bar cart gives the confused guests a definite place to flock; it also defines you as the person who appreciates the finer things in life. When you are playing the host the bar cart also plays your partner, it comforts your guests in case the tête-à-tête breaks down.

To make the right impression, style it in a way that it looks stylish and organized, simultaneously. Focus on the power of good display as it will speak volumes about your personality. The fashion in which you trend your bar cart will tag you as a hoarder or a collector. Here are some bar cart arrangement cheats that you can use:


The first and most important step is the selection of the right cart to display your libations and accessories. The selection can vary from vintage to rustic to modern type of cart. There are different styles, finishes and sizes of carts available to choose from keeping your needs and home décor in consideration. A few other criteria to be considered for cart selection are the multi-functional use of the cart, storage space and the display space.

The next important selection is the libations. For a distinctive display, it is important to have a good label and liquor. The drinks on the cart must reflect your taste and style.  One tip to organize the bar is to group the bottles in some chronology that is according to size, type or color. Bottles which are pretty and unique will attract more attention of your guests, so make sure you add couple of attractive bottles on the bar. Along with the libations, you should also be peculiar about your choice of glassware. Have a range of glassware to cater all kinds of moods: wine glasses, short glasses, coupes, tall glasses etc.

Equip the bar cart with bar tools like cocktail shaker, strainer, jigger, corkscrew, bar spoon, decanters, ice bucket etc. The availability of the appropriate set of bartending will show your eye for perfection.

Don’t forget to give a defining touch to the bar cart. Include an exclusive, unique and unexpected item as a conversation piece. This final addition can be – a collection of assorted accents, vintage decanters, artistic coasters, striped paper straws, glass of arty toothpicks, some artwork or, some DIY art.

You can add color to your mobile bar by introducing a fusion of fruits, flowers and candlesticks. You also can minimally decorate the bar cart with an attractive tray to hold odds and ends along with some books.


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