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8 Types Of Guys You Meet In College

When you first go to college, you enter a completely alien world which is so different from school and is a place which lets you experience your first bit of independence.  This is the place where you get serious about your goals in life, make real friends and fall in love. But college is also a place where you meet a whole variety of personalities and people. Every college has some typical characters who are not difficult to spot or differentiate from the group.  The funny guy, the geek, the musician and the serious one are just a few examples of some guys that you always end up meeting in college or university. Let’s take a look at the 8 types of guys you meet in college:

  1. The Business guy

This guy always knows what he wants out of life and has his plan for life chalked out clearly. He is studious and hardworking and is always sharing his profound knowledge with others around him. This guy means serious business and wouldn’t back down.


  1. The Rebel

This is the guy who doesn’t conform to social norms and doesn’t care about joining the gym or impressing the girls. He lives by rules made by himself and generally has an average physique. Some girls find him attractive while others just want to stay away.

  1. The Stoner

Atleast once in your college life, you will come across the stoner guy who spends most of his time outside class smoking weed. He hardly gives a care about classes, or studies but is more inclined towards the artistic aspects of life.

  1. The Dancer

This guy is jovial, fun loving and never missed out on an opportunity to dance. He will most probably be a part of the Dance troops, the Dancing clubs and will dance at all college events.

  1. The Rich guy

This guy always arrives in his flashy Merc or other Sedan and is always the first one to pay at restaurants and clubs.  He things he is the man and doesn’t mind showing his money off to others.  From his clothes to his habits, everything has a touch of taste and class.


  1. The Nerd

The Nerd is always sitting in the library surrounded not by women but by books. This guy is mostly the highest scorer in the class, wears big glasses but doesn’t have any idea about how to dress or how to talk to the girls.

  1. The Charmer

This guy is the college stud. He is always surrounded by girls and has a sunny disposition. He is good at studies, is always up for something exciting and is usually dating the best looking girl on campus.

  1. The Strong Silent Type

This is the guy who every girl has a crush on because of his brooding looks and strong personality. He hardly ever speaks in class but has a mature aura around him which makes him the favorite of many.


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