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Top Homemade Recipes For the Kids

Top Homemade Recipes for the Kids
A healthy and balanced diet offers a great start for your child. Canned baby food is convenient and does not require preparation time, yet it does not offer your little one all the vitamins and nutrients necessary for a good body functioning. The high temperature used for cooking the ingredients deploys fruits and veggies of all the good stuff. The solution is to cook your baby’s meals at home, at a low temperature, using high quality ingredients. We have selected 8 tasty and healthy meals that can be made in less than 15 minutes.

Carrots and sweet potato puree

Wash the carrots and sweet potatoes, peel their skin and cut them in little chunks to reduce cooking time. Place the veggies in the steamer and steam until they are tender. The process usually takes 8 to 10 minutes. Then mash them or place them in the blender with a spoon or two of water for a smooth texture. As an alternative, bake the ingredients and mash them. The result will be sweeter than when steaming the veggies.


Avocado, yogurt and banana mix

This is a no-fire recipe and can be done at picnics or when away from home. Peel, remove the seeds and scoop the avocado, peel the banana and place it over the avocado. Mix them together and add yogurt until you have the perfect texture of the meal. If you do not use the entire avocado, place the remaining flesh in a zip bag and store it in the freezer for the next meal.

Brown rice and avocado

In order to make rice easier to eat, mill it in the blender until you obtain a nice grounded rice. Place the rice with twice the amount of water or milk formula (or breast milk if you are still breastfeeding) on a low heat for about 20 minutes. Let it cool down and mix it with avocado flesh. Alternatively, you can replace the avocado with bananas or use both in combination.

Cooked peas and carrots

In order to make this meal you need fresh (not canned) peas. Wash the pods and remove the small peas. Steam them until well cooked, puree them and pass them through a strainer to remove the skins (which ferment and produce bloating). Mix the pea puree with carrots puree (mashed steamed carrots) and add two leaves of mint for additional flavor.

Squash and broccoli puree

Great for autumn and winter meals (when the choice of fresh, organic fruits and veggies is scarce), the squash and broccoli puree is tasty and healthy. To make it pick and wash the broccoli florets, peel, remove the seeds and cut the squash and place them both in the steamer. When cooked, mash them together. The squash can also be baked for added sweetness. As an alternative to squash, you can also use steamed or baked pumpkin.

Oats and mango puree

Like rice, you will need to mill oats before cooking it for your baby. In fact, all grains need to undergo this step when serving them to infants and toddlers. Once it has the right texture, simmer it and mix it with pureed mango for a sweet taste. Use papaya as an alternative to mango or both for an exotic taste.


Blueberry and apple fruit puree

Fruits are a treat for both children and parents. In order to avoid the downfalls of feeding fresh fruits to your little one, steam small chunks of peeled apple and few blueberries together for a few minutes (4 minutes should be enough), then mash them and serve. A ripe pear can be added to the mixture. For older children, mix the fruit puree with cereals so that the meal is more filling.


The best way to introduce meat in your baby’s diet is to start with small portions of steamed or boiled chicken breast. Later on, you can also mince baked chicken. In order to be easy to eat and digest, the chicken must have the texture of a puree and must be mixed with vegetable puree (your choice).
The healthy way of eating is learned in childhood, so it is essential to accustom babies with vegetables and fruits from early stages of their lives. Furthermore, the above mentioned meals are nourishing, easy on their stomachs and fast to make so that both kids and parents will love them!


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