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12 Biggest Movie Flops the World Has Ever Seen

The world of cinema is often surprising, unexpected and unpredictable. Where on one hand, certain sloppy movies go on to become big hits, on the other hand, certain great movies fail and flop miserably. From high budget movies featuring big stars to movies with amazing performances, several good cinema pieces have gone on to flop majorly at the box office in the history of cinema.  But there have been some which flopped so badly that they feature in our list of the 12 of the biggest movie flops the world has ever seen. Let’s find out.

Blade Runner-1982: This is the greatest science fiction film the world has ever witnessed but failed to make it big financially.  Both critics and audiences were not impressed by it but it is still said to offer some brilliant and high-tech theories and concepts to science lovers.


Citizen Kane-1941: Citizen Kane is still widely thought to be the greatest movie ever to be made but didn’t quite prove to be a hit at the box office when it released. It is based on newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst and many believe that his influence could have led to the failure.

The Iron Giant-1999: Produced by Warner bros, this movie too is considered a great watch but did not convert at the box office.  It was critically acclaimed but ended up not being noticed enough to make money at the box office.

It’s a Wonderful Life-1946: Despite of being loved by many, this movie was such big flops that even the studio that produced it didn’t want to hold onto its rights. This movie was washed off by the critics saying it was too sentimental and too sappy.

The Wizard of OZ-1939: This is the most beloved movies ever made for many people but turned out to be a big disappointment for MGM since it failed miserably.  It was made on a big budget but failed to make money back.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang-2005: What may seem to be a cult favorite now, this movie flopped big time when it was released in cinemas. Its failure was such a big setback that the lead actor and director pair never worked together.

Big Trouble in Little China-1986: With this movie, John Carpenter proved that he was much more than someone who only knew how to make horror movies but unfortunately there were not many takers for this movie. This movie is both bizarre and great at the same time but didn’t quite make it at the box office. However it reclaimed success when it was launched on DVDs.


Brazil-1985: This is yet another biggest movie flops of all time and wasn’t able to impress critics when it was launched. It became a much bigger success later on but fell down and failed badly, leaving the producers out of money for a long time.

The General-1926: The general was supposed to be a masterpiece and was highly anticipated when it was released. But even inspite of good performances and a big budget, the movie proved to be a big flop. It may be critically acclaimed these days but didn’t impress when it was released and thus finds its way to the 9th spot in this list.

Joe versus the Volcano-1990: This is a rather odd and bizarre story on a man who decides to kill himself but ends up discovering that life was infact good.  This was the last movie release for Tom Hanks before he became an international sensation and failed pretty badly at the box office.

Mars Needs Moms-2011: This movie is yet another big flop in the world of cinema and is said to have lost a whopping $130.5 million when people didn’t turn up to see it in cinemas.  Many people who saw it said that it was better than its previews and this is one reason why it gained some momentum weeks after its release. It still remains as one of the greatest flops of all time.

R.I.P.D-2013: Starring some big names in the world of acting and cinema, everyone thought that this movie would break all records and would do really well at the box office. However it received very poor critic reviews and did not attract much of an audience as well.  Some parts of it were a little too farfetched for the common man to relate to and some serious parts actually were thought to be rather hilarious.


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