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4 Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Home Smell Good Naturally

Do you want to return to a home that smells fresh all the time? Isn’t it relaxing to enter a home that smells great and help you forget all the worries and overcome the stress? To make your home smell nice, you need not buy expensive diffusers, room fresheners, and candles. You can be creative and create all this stuff of your choice at home for your sense of satisfaction. Here are some of the natural budget-friendly fragrance donors to be made at home:


Dried Fruit Potpourri: Dry fruit potpourri reveals a tang that fills your home with a crisp, fresh scent. Drying fruit is easy, and you can customize it as per your personal taste. Citrus fruits such as orange, lemon and limes are preferred because,on drying, they retain their color and shape. These are sliced and dried in an oven at 200 degrees for about 2 hours. Fruit peels can also be dried to add texture to potpourri. Add thefrozen and dried fruits such as strawberries available in food stores. Sprinkle some spices such as cinnamon stick and whole cloves which act as fragrance generator. Store all these ingredients in plastic zip lock bag for a day. You can arrange this dry fruit potpourri in a big bowl to be placed in the living room and create a sachet.

Scented Wax Bar: Aromatic wax bar with an immortalscent of the rose, the pacifying smell of lavender or woodsy aroma of sandalwood are simple to make. You can add a trace of fragrance in your surroundings in a natural and scenic way. All you have to do is, place dried or fresh flowers of your choice in soap mold and add melted beeswax over the flower and let it cool in the freezer. Take the bar out of the mold and hang or place it closets of the bathroom for a pleasant smell.

Reed Diffuser Oil: The scent is a subjective sensation; it can be complex to find a perfect diffuser from the store. Reed diffuser is so trouble-free to make that you can say good-bye to store diffusers and compose one using the scent of your choice. You need a glass bottle in which you can add scents of your choice in any ratio which soothes you. Get the wooden dowels and place it in a bottle. In a week, you can smell the diffuser, filling your surroundings with blissful fragrance.


Coffee Candles: The smell of the coffee is divine. Instead of getting expensive candles, craft it on your own. Use a bunch of wax left from used candles and used coffee grounds. In a glass, place a candlewick in the center and pour molten wax and then sprinkle coffee grounds. Make three layers of wax and two of coffee. Be creative and decorate it as you wish and place it proudly in your home.

These are just some of the ways to freshen up your home with natural perfume. You can get creative and come up with your own concoctions.


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