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Top 10 Beauty Tips For 2016

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it is rightly so. There are no rules set in stone when it comes to beauty. Nor you have to follow just the conventional methods to look gorgeous. The key to gorgeousness is to be comfortable in your skin. Each one of you is special and which is why you should follow a beauty regime that suits you the best.

We are sharing with you the top 10 beauty tips that might interest you. These ten trends are making a big comeback in 2016 and are certainly going to change the way we ladies beautify ourselves. Check them out!

Using A Bronzer During Summer

Ideally, bronzers are meant to be used during winters to get that sun-kissed look. However, the idea of using a bronzer during the hot days is catching up. The trick is to keep it as natural as possible. You could stick to the lighter tones of brown, preferably something that has a matt finish and is waterproof. The degree of paleness would, of course, depend on your skin tone. Steer clear of bright pink, orange, or red hues.


Skin Tone Is Not Always The Deciding Factor

You need to consider your skin tone when shopping for a foundation, concealer, and bronzer. But it goes out of the window when you want to choose mascara or an eye shadow. You can wear any color and style of mascara and eye shadow as long as it fits the occasion, suits you and is in line with your outfit.

Equal Highlight For Eyes And Lips

It has been a trend since ages that you either highlight your eyes or your lips. Heavy eye makeup with a light lip color or bright lips with a simple eye makeup is what all the women are wearing makeup have been following. Highlighting both your features used to be a big no-no. But not anymore! Accentuating both lips and eyes is an in thing now.

Untouched Eyebrows Are All The Rage

Take a break from having that quizzical look on your face all the time. Skip your appointment with your beautician and let those eyebrows grow out a bit. Right now, there is nothing as appealing as a woman rocking bushy eyebrows with confidence.

Make Your Eyes Pop

Some makeup enthusiasts made the entire clan believe that putting mascara on the lower lashes would make them look older. Well, that’s nonsensical! Applying mascara to both upper and lower lashes accentuate your eyes, making them more prominent and attractive.


The New Approach For Applying Concealer

We have been applying concealer after foundation. But it often results in your makeup looking cakey, as if it would fall off the face any moment. So this time, go backward. Apply the concealer first and you will need a very tiny amount of foundation. Less foundation means lighter makeup.

Pastel Nail Polish Shades

Pastel shades are enormously soothing to look at, and they are just perfect for this summer. We love the Ikiru Blue from DIOR and Peaches and Cream by Deborah Lippmann. The April by Zoya, which is a nude pink color, is our absolute favorite. You should totally check them out!

Complimentary Colors Of Different Elements

Speaking of nail colors, we often stress a lot that they should match the lip color. Gone are the days when we wore lip color and nail color of an identical shade. Imagine your fingernails adorned with that lovely DIOR’s Ikiru Blue we just mentioned. If we follow the rule, you will end up wearing a blue lip color. If you can rock a blue lip color, that’s great! But if not, it would be a faux pas. So, wearing a lip color that compliments your nail color usually suffices.

The Skin Care Routine

If you wear makeup it is critical that you take it off properly and cleanse your skin thoroughly before going to bed. Charcoal is a great natural cleanser, which is why it is being incorporated in so many skin-cleansing products. We love the Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar and the way it detoxifies the skin and makes it glow.


Moisturizing Sprays

Keeping your skin hydrated could be a task for many if they find the moisturizing lotions very heavy. Keeping this dilemma in view, many big brands have rolled out moisturizing sprays. They are way too lighter and do the job very efficiently. We like the Sheer Spray Softening Cocoa Butter Lotion by Jason.

With these ten tips, you will be able to get a radiant skin and look younger. So, in the next party be ready with the answer to the frequently asked question, ‘what is your beauty secret’, simply blush and politely say, ‘Well… That is a secret.’


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