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5 Secrets About Hitler That You Don’t Know

Single-handedly responsible for annihilating two-thirds of the global Jewish population during his regime, Adolf Hitler is easily the most-hated historical figure. However, history textbooks generally tend to focus on the chronological sequences in his life only. His role in leading the German Front during the Second World War is the most talked-about. But seldom do we analyze the intriguing aspects of his persona. Here’s a look at 6 deep, dark secrets that historians have gradually unearthed, after years of painstaking research!

#Secret 1: Hitler feared the Dentist!

For a man who unleashed such a violent propaganda, it’s hard to believe that he was afraid of something or someone. Turns out, the German Fuehrer suffered from a case of bad dental hygiene. It was owing to his irresistible sweet tooth that he gorged on nut cakes, rice puddings and other sweetmeats. Despite these frequent indulgences, he was too scared to visit the dentist. This resulted in several cavities, gum infection and awful breath. There was a point of time when he had no choice but to undergo a root canal surgery. While a normal root canal is completed in 1 to 3 sittings, he asked for 8 sittings to go through the painful process!


#Secret 2: His first ‘crush’ was a girl of Jewish Origin!

Teenage infatuations are no big deal. But it comes across as a shocking fact for a bona fide ‘Anti-Semitic’ to have had a crush on a Jewish girl. It was the dictator’s childhood friend August Kubizek who spilled the beans and left historians in shock! During his formative years in Vienna, Hitler developed strong feelings of love for his Jewish neighbor Stefanie Isak. Unfortunately, the love was only one-sided and young Hitler could never muster up the courage to admit his feelings to her. For all we know if he had gone ahead, and if she had reciprocated, the pages of world history would’ve been a lot less bloody!

#Secret 3: All 8 of his lovers attempted suicide!

When you hold the most powerful position in your country, it’s not a surprise that female adulation comes along pretty easily. From various historical sources, it has been noted that Hitler was romantically involved with 8 different women during his lifetime. But each affair followed a chillingly set-pattern- intense passion, followed by the lady’s suicide attempt. Some attempts were successful while others were not. Renate Muller was a glamorous German actress who jumped to death from her window. Geli Raubal was his niece and live-in partner for a long time, shot herself fatally. And we all know about Eva Braun (his wife of just 40 hours) who took a cyanide capsule, minutes before the dictator shot himself to death in 1945.


#Secret 4: Hitler was an Insomniac.

All of Hitler’s mistresses have spoken of one thing in common- the fact that he would toss and turn in his bed for most of the night. Apparently, Hitler had a lot of trouble falling asleep, which made him a late-riser. It would surprise you to note that despite his jam-packed schedule and myriad professional obligations, he would mostly wake up at 11 in the morning. Psychologists deduce that his pent-up frustration and the trauma of his initial days of struggle, wreaked havoc in his sleep-pattern.

#Secret 5: Hitler’s effective PR Team was largely responsible for his electoral wins.

Initially, the German public opinion was largely against Hitler since he was perceived as a ‘rabble-rouser’ and ‘troublemaker’. After a devastating loss in the 1932 election, Hitler’s PR team decided that it was time to give him an ‘image makeover’! This resulted in the publication of a Coffee Table Book that went by the name- ‘The Hitler Nobody Knows’. Widely circulated, this book featured childhood pictures of the leader, followed by his role as a solider during the First World War. The photographs showcased him in average clothes, highlighted his humble background and even showed him playing with children! Most importantly, the fact that he was a non-drinker and non-smoker, were highlighted in bold. Therefore, his publicists successfully transformed his public perception as a fanatic, to a ‘kind-hearted, common man’. And this is exactly what turned public opinion in Hitler’s favor, paving the path for his rise as the iconic German Fuehrer!


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