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Hypnosis Resulting in Instant Weight Loss

Finally a prospect of weight loss, away from the mind-numbing talks of ‘diet and exercise’. So is it true? Can Hypnosis really result in instant weight loss? Before we answer this question, let’s uncover the truth about Hypnosis.

Understanding Hypnosis

Unlike its popular portrayal, Hypnosis is not the practice of making a person lose control and obey all of the hypnotist’s orders in a trance-like state. Rather, it is a subconscious state which you can only willingly achieve with the guidance of the hypnotist. In this state, your mind is clearer, much more aware and suggestible. So let’s make it clear, nobody can hypnotize you unless you want to!


The Real Answer: Hypnotherapy

The fact that your subconscious mind is more likely to ‘accept and implement’ suggestions in a ‘hypnotized state’ is the guiding premise of Hypnotherapy. Please note that Hypnotherapy is a scientifically established form of Psychotherapy, and not some bizarre quackery as it is perceived by many. This clinical therapy merely makes use of the fact that the patient is more likely to change his/her thoughts, attitudes, feelings or behavior in the hypnotic state, as opposed to regular counseling or one-on-one talk therapy. As a matter of scientific fact, Hypnotherapy has been really effective in treating Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia and even reducing discomfort and pain during childbirth.

The Answer To Your Question

OK, no more beating around the bush now. The answer is YES- Hypnotherapy can be really helpful for weight loss. But it does not achieve instant or direct weight loss. On the contrary, it taps into your subconscious and brings about the following changes in your thinking patterns:-

  • If you happen to be overweight, your thought patterns are most likely to be centered on/around food. Binge eating, unhealthy eating, excessive snacking etc are various forms of unhealthy food cravings. And the root cause of these unhealthy cravings is your own mind! We tend to overeat or binge-eat when we are upset/depressed/dissatisfied/angry etc.
  • Now if someone merely told you to ‘stop eating junk’ and ‘eat healthy’, you’d probably listen to him for a day or two, right? Despite all your will power, when you see that box of Cheese-Burst Pizza in front of you, it becomes impossible to resist! That’s where Hypnotherapy comes into picture. With professional Hypnosis, your thinking will be re-tuned in a way that you no longer crave for fulfillment or solace from food.
  • The same principle is applicable for exercise. If you consider yourself to be a lazy person, Hypnotherapy can tap into the root cause of your inactivity (once again, your mind!). Once the tendency to remain inactive is erased from your subconscious, you will automatically stop ‘snoozing’ the alarm for your morning jog.
  • Overweight people are more likely to be drawn into the vicious circle of depression. It starts with weight gain, followed by being dissatisfied with one’s body, which is followed by turning to ‘food for satisfaction’, which results in more weight gain. Hypnotherapy can break this cycle at a subconscious level.


Give It A Shot!

It will definitely not be an overnight miracle. It could take multiple sittings over months. But slowly and steadily, you’ll find yourself becoming a calmer person, at ease with your body, and not relying on food to ‘make you feel better about yourself’. Sounds interesting? Just so you know, the effectiveness of Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss has been published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology. So go ahead and give it a shot!


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